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Update: The site for Finmail Focus has been our main site and, the domain has been closed.

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Address Information

To avoid confusion, please note that the following email addresses belong to our team:  (Main contact point)  (Mainly for system message)  (Mainly for payment)  (Mainly for administration purpose)  (Mainly for newsletter)  (Mainly for user support)  (Mainly for abuse handling)

Emails from all other addresses are not from us. If you receive an email with a forged identity and/or content from another address, please do not trust it. You are welcome to report abuse to or

If an address has suspicious abuse/spam activities, it may be locked without prior notice.

Locked Abuse Address

The following email addresses are locked due to suspicious abuse/spam activities:

About Finmail


FINMAIL, a sub-brand of Securechain ApS

FINMAIL is a sub-brand of Securechain ApS, a Denmark company headquartered in Copenhagen. The company was founded in 2018, but the initial activities including blockchain development and community communications can be tracked back to 2015.

With the mission of “Secure efficient social collaboration”, FINMAIL products and services are committed to the integration of traditional information network and emerging value networks. Today there are 2 solutions: The Finmail Work solution enables people to work anywhere and, the Finmail payment solution enables people to receive payment anytime.