Finmail Payment
World's first decentralized digital currency transfer service via e-mail

Case Study

Reward to Your Customers

Your business relies on customers. With Finmail, you can not only communicate with customers via email, but also pay reward directly to them without even knowing their bank account, which will reflect your sincerity, increase customers' loyalty and promote business reputation.

Cross-border Micro Payment

Are you tired of paying high transaction fee for small amount, typically 2% to 4%? Try Finmail, then you can talk and send payment to your partners by just 1 email at almost no fee.

Reward to Your Community Members

Are you a member of community? Would you like to increase the attractiveness and cohesion of the community? With Finmail, you can discuss and pay reward to any member via email regardless where they are. A good reward mechanism established on this basis will greatly stimulate the vitality of the community and, improve the organization.

Reward to Remote Workers

Your productivity depends on talents. If you have much work, why not try Finmail? The work can be carried out remotely and, the payment can be sent together with email to talent task takers anytime. As the remote working model is being more and more popular, Finmail helps reduce payment cost, simplify payment approach, improve collaboration efficiency and, promote productivity.