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What is Finmail Work?

Finmail Work is a remote working platform which is committed to providing an open environment for people all the world to work and receive payment. Under the idea of freelance, digital currency, opensource software and cloud technology, we hope the platform can provide on-demand and flexible working environment to all people around the world.

What is Finmail Payment?

Finmail Payment is a decentralized payment solution which integrates email and digital currency. Accompanied with Finmail Work, Finmail Payment can communicate with and send payment to anyone in the world efficiently at almost no cost. In addition to our main site, the Finmail Payment serive can also be hosted either through our cloud server, or on your own server, provided that you are a domain owner who can make simple update to DNS record. For more details please contact us at Since the service is relevant to digital currency, some basic knowledge is expected before using it, including digital currency and blockchain technology.

What digital currencies are available for payment?

The default digital currency is USDT, which anchors the value of USD. Payment in Bitcoin is also available on request.

What is the legal condition of digital currency?

The digital currency sent by us is from legalized source, therefore there is no need to worry about its risk from us as sender. However how digital currency is acceptable by the receiver depends on local policy. One can refer to for more details. For example, in some countries it is legal to own digital currency as asset, but to withdraw to bank account you may need a reliable exchange probably with Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification. Alternative, you can just leave the received USDT or Bitcoin in your Finmail account or withdraw to your local digital currency wallet if not in urgent use. Note that the currency rate between Bitcoin and USD is not stable. If you do not plan to withdraw to bank or exchange to USDT after receiving the payment, please be sure of the risk.

How to install and use Finmail Payment?

The installation and user guide for Finmail Outlook Add-in can be found at User Guide page. It is also enabled by default if you sign up for a Finmail Mailbox.

How to cash out the received payment to my bank account?

The payment to your Finmail account can be sent to a digital currency exchange and cashed out to your local currency as below: 1). Send the balance from your Finmail Payment account to your deposit address in an exchange. The cost is around $0.06 - $2 for each transaction depending mainly on speed. 2). Use the exchange to change to fiat (USD, EUR, etc.), then transfer out to your bank account, i.e. by wire. As different exchanges has dedicated steps for funding and exchanging, it is suggested to check with your exchange for detailed steps. Note: Most digital currency exchanges require KYC verification to perform fiat withdrawal. Note 2: Paypal withdrawal is not supported by default.

What exchanges are available for cashing out?

There are several exchanges available for cashing out, depending on where you live: 1). EU: Kraken (USDT -> EUR -> wire) 2). China: Huobi or Okex (USDT -> fiat exchange) (Hint: Use Official App or VPN to connect if you are in China) 3). US: Kraken (USDT -> USD -> wire) The list is to be extended. Be sure to complete KYC before depositing or cashing out, otherwise you may face withdrawal limitation.

Is it secure to receive USDT?

USDT has been in the market for more than 4 years. Although there are various viewpoints toward it, USDT still owns the biggest market share so far, especially in large volume coin-to-coin exchanges. Therefore, we can believe its value to USD in 1:1 will be kept in future. On the other hand, USDT transactions handled by Finmail Payment go through Bitcoin network, whose strength is guaranteed by millions of miners. The Finmail Payment Facility has also been deeply tested and hosted on cloud, which ensures its security. Although Bitcoin owns the biggest share in digital currency market and, supported by all exchanges, its value in USD is not stable and, may sudden change in seconds. Therefore, it is not a good idea to use Bitcoin for daily payment. Comparatively, USDT is preferred.

What's the price of USDT and Bitcoin in USD?

The price of USDT is always around 1 USD, while Bitcoin changes almost all the time. The real-time price of both USDT and Bitcoin can be found at CoinMarketCap:

When can I get paid?

Generally, it is possible to get paid daily or weekly, after the task is performed, i.e. when a comment and/or bug report is valuable and approved. We are trying to make payment also on weekends, but in some cases the payment may be suspended to the next Monday.

As most daily items are still purchasable by fiat only, usually the last step after receiving the payment is to exchange USDT or Bitcoin to fiat via an exchange and, withdraw to your bank account. Read "How to cash out the received payment to my bank account" for more details.

Note that do not participate in any digital currency trading, if you are unfamiliar with the market.

What's the idea behind Finmail Work and Finmail Payment?

The idea behind our platform is “Work Anywhere, Paid Anytime”. With the help of opensource environment and digital currency, we would like to provide people all the world with equal opportunities to work and to get payment without delay. To make the payment smooth, we offer the Finmail Payment solution, by which people can use email client to send/receive payment in USDT or Bitcoin efficiently at almost no cost.

How to get started and is there an example?

One example can be In general, please try the steps below to get started: 1. Sign up for a free Finmail Mailbox at Skip this step if you already have one. 2. Install the Finmail Add-in with reference to User Guide page. Skip this step if you have alread have a Finmail account. 3. Refer to the "How to work" section in each task, for example:

If you have code review skills in JavaScript, you can try task 2 and, submit your code review report through Finmail Mailbox at

To subject writing tasks like task 8 and task 9, the articles should be submitted through Finmail Focus writing platform powered by WordPress. Please refer to User Guide at for more details. The submitted solutions/articles should generally be original and in your own word, instead of copying from other sources. Even if some words in an article are modified after copying, such article is still unacceptable. The main reason is that, the rewarded articles may be published in Finmail Focus, therefore copyright issues should be avoided. On the other hand, it needs you to have some knowledge/expertise in your task scope.

If the submitted article is original, the review will be made based on some factors described in task specifications, for example logic strength, clearness, vividness and attractiveness, etc.. To some tasks like task 8, there is also a requirement for creativity. All these factors will be graded and weighted, then there comes the final judgement.

To ensure fairness and transparency, if the comment is sent by email, they may be published in the site.

Note that the payment will be sent in USDT, a digital currency whose value anchors USD, to your Finmail account. The balance can be reviewed or withdrawn through your Finmail Add-in.

Different tasks may have specific requirements and steps. In this case please refer to task description in each task for more details.

What is freelancer?

In principle, freelancer is self-employed, which means the freelancer is working either for his/her legal entity, or just for him/her self. Therefore the working relationship should just be between you as freelancer/task taker and your legal entity, or just yourself. The relationship between you/your entity and us is kind of business activity, such that we use digital currency like USDT to buy your working result like comment or feedback according to task specification, then we judge and/or comment the result and get invoice from you. Such invoice is generally based on the judge result and task specification, which is usually in form of “trading history” in today’s online market as listed in Meanwhile we do not care how you work or where you work. Therefore what we are buying is not your “work force”, but “working result” or “working hour” if paid by hour. To this point, we can not give proof of work, but just proof of reward tied to your email address, which can be found both in reward list and in Finmail payment transaction list.

A similar definition of “freelancer” in Denmark can be found at under “Følgende forhold indikerer, at der er tale om en selvstændig person/freelancer”.

Can I get proof of work?

Unfortunately no. According to the definition of freelance, you are not working for us, but for your legal entity or yourself. Therefore we can not provide proof of work. Instead, what we can provide is proof of reward tied to your email address, which can be found both in reward list and your Finmail payment transaction list.

How to declare my reward as income?

If you can confirm that you were the owner/user of the email address when doing the tasks and received the reward, you may use the confirmation together with reward list at and your Finmail Payment transaction list to declare the reward as non-salary income or company revenue. It also varies from country to country.

Are there additional articles for reference?

Sure. Feel free to check our knowledge base at for more articles from different authors.

How long does it take to review my submission?

Usually 3 working days, in some cases about 1 week. Also different tasks may have their special requirements. For example, to Task 9: 1. “Maximal 2 articles about the cuisines from the same country will be reviewed per day” and 2. “ Maximal 1 article will be reviewed per person per day”. To task 8: 1. “Maximal 1 article will be reviewed per person per day”. The review for extra solutions will be postponed.

What's the benefit of using USDT for transfer/payment?

Some of the benefits are as below:

  1. Low cost. USDT transfer costs almost no fee, while Paypal/Bank transfer takes around 1% - 4% and, significantly higher for small amount international transfer.
  2. High speed. USDT transfer inside Finmail is instant and, from/to exchange is around 1-12 hours depending on network charge.
  3. Worldwide coverage. USDT can be transferred to any acceptable exchanges worldwide and, in most regions it can be cashed out to your bank domestically or internationally according to local laws.

What happens if the payment has been sent to someone else by mistake?

If the payment has been sent to someone else by mistake, in general it cannot be reverted, unless: 1. It is internal transaction. And 2. You can meet any of the conditions below: 2.1) Prove that the receiving email address is invalid. Or 2.2) Get a written confirmation from the receiver that the fund can be reverted, which includes receiver’s email address and balance. The written confirmation can be either by email or by paper. Or 2.3) Get a court decision that is effective to the receiver. Be careful before transferring to others!