Africa - Fish Soup

By Mabimbi Don

Fish soup is finely prepared for breakfast in many parts of Africa countries. It is a simple and easy to prepare as it consist with few steps.

It normally taken with Chappati or Maandazi in the morning. Ingredients:

  • One fish.

  • Two bulb onions.

  • One Carrot.

  • Cardamon.

  • Some peppers.

  • salt

  • Garlic.

  • 1 ltr of water.

Cooking steps:

  • Make ready your fish, cut it into three parts.

  • Paste garlic over the pieces give it some minutes to mix well.(5 minutes)

  • Cut into pieces bulb onions and carrot, put into cooking pan with water.

  • Put altogether with fish pieces.

  • Boil for 20-30 minutes.

  • Your fish soup is ready, enjoy.

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