Africa - How to cook Okongobong with grandnut

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

By Djougwa kouemo Patricia

Okongobong stew can be served with boil plantains, yams and coco.

In Africa we have so many combinations as vegetables are concern all this because we want to have a delicious result at the end. In Africa people love combining ndole and grandnut paste, okongobong and egusi stew, keya with egusi. All this combination is because of the yummy taste we want to bring out.

The combination of okongobong and grandnut paste is unforgetful after eating it, it can be love by everyone who ever taste it. The grandnut paste is spiced with onions, leeks, garlics, and a little ginger then the boil okongobong.

Prep time : 45mins

Cook time:35mins

Total time : 1hour 20mins


2 bundles of fresh or cold okongobong leaves

2 cups of grandnut without skin

A glove of garlic

½ tea spoon fresh ginger

1 ½ small onions

1 pepper optional

3 seasoning cubes

1/2kg boil beef and its stock

1 small leeks

Cooking method

Wash okongobong greens and slice it in to small species on a chopping board. Put water in to the pot and add limes stone , salt and the green live it to boil, make sure before putting the greens that the limestone have dissolve . the limestone is to make the green to remain green in color. Cover the pot and it for about 5 to 7 minutes. When the green gets ready remove from the pot and put into a shifter and pour in cold water , then wash the greens and squeeze water from it then keep it aside.

After this put in to blender grandnut, garlics, ½ onion , ginger, leeks and grain all together for 5 minutes. After put your grounded grandnut mixture in to the pot and stir continuously to prevent it from burning lets it cook for 10 minutes , then add in your beef with the stock and seasoning. You can use any meat or fish of your choice, be I prefer beef. Continue stirring the grandnut sauce for about 15 minutes continually.

Add it your okongobong green stir well so that can simmer together for about 10 minutes.

Now we can start serving the table as food is ready to enjoyed, siliver is running in to my mouth.

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