Africa - How to cook okro soup with egusi

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

By Djougwa kouemo Patricia

Okro soup is very good for the body and it helps in digestion so easily. This food is easy to eat and swallow especially as it is eaten with Fufu. Many people in the African zone love this food as it is yummy and so tasty. I am especially in love with the food and love to eat it when is semi hot and, when I eat it, I use my hands since it is more enjoyable to eat the meal with hands. I can remember when I was in the village with my sisters, my grandmother use to serve us hot Fufu on a big plate and serve the Okro and Egusi soups to each person. I can enjoy the moments still today.

Yessssoooo!!! let’s move on cooking


  • 1/2kg cook meat and stock

  • 1onion

  • half cup of egusi okro

  • 2 tomatoes

  • 1 small leeks

  • one cooking spoon

  • oil

  • maggi

  • crevette and salt to taste

  • one gloves of garlics little bit of kanwa pepper(optional)

Method of cooking

  • Wash and clean tomatoes, 1/2 onions, leeks, garlics. put them in to the blender and blend it well for about 3minutes.

  • Wash and clean the okro then cut them in to small pieces and blend.

  • In the dry blending blender blend the egusi still 6 minutes let it well blended.

  • Then heat your oil with fire, chop the remaining half onion, then put them into oil and fry. Then add the blended tomatoes and fry the tomatoes for 5 minutes.

  • After that add water to your pot. Let the water boil, then make sure you don’t turn it if you want the egusi to come out. Boil for 15 minutes then add your meats, maggic crevette and the salt to taste. Then allow the pot boil for about 5 minutes.

  • Put okro into a bowl then put a little bit of kanwa and, turn it well. Kanwa will enable the okro to be more delicious. Then put into the pot and, this time allow the pot open while cooking in order to prevent okro from pouring out. Allow it for 5 minutes while stirring to prevent from getting burn.

Now your okro egusi soup is ready. you can eat that with foufou corn , water foufou , garry and foufou.

I wish you all good appetite.

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