Updated: Mar 5, 2020

By Verdzekov Bernard

Batibo People of Cameroon

Preparing porridge cocoyams is one of the easiest dish you fine me write about. This is still a traditional dish eating by the Batibo people of Cameroon. This is still in Cameroon, the country with so many tribes. Most of the dishes you will find writing by me, are dishes I can prepare. This meal eating by the Batibo people of Cameroon is a dish that is spicy and eating with pride by the Batibo people. The meal is delicious. Most people in Cameroon prepare this dish and it is also found in African restaurants. It is a heavy dish however.

To prepare this dish for your family, you will need;

  • 15-20 cocoyams (red cocoyams)

  • 3 grind cups of crayfish

  • Half litter of palm oil

  • ½ -1 bunch bitterleaf

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Onions

  • Maggi

  • 3 to four cups of water

  • Dry fish

  • Pork meat(optional)

The process of preparing this dish;

  • Start preparing this meal by washing your bitter leaf. Slice the bitter into large pieces grouping them to gather and putting into very hot water in a pot which is on heat. Leave it there for about 10min after which you remove and put into cold water and when it is cold you squeeze well. This process of washing the bitter is to make sure the bitter is free of bitterness.

  • Peel the cocoyams and slice into small shapes(chunks) using your knife. Wash the cocoyams right after that and put into the pot.

  • Using a blender, blend you pepper and sliced onions. Pour the blend ingredients into the pot add salt, maggi, grind cray fish, dry fish, bitterleaf and about 4 cups of water and stair. Allow the pot for about 25min on heat. Check to make sure the water hasn’t dried-off. Add if necessary if you find out the water is dried-off. Add about 3 more cups.

  • Allow the pot for about 15min.

  • Add oil and if necessary, your steamed pork meat into the pot. Allow the pot for 15min more. check to see if cocoyams are tender already. If yes remove from heat, if not close pot and leave it for about 10min more.


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