Kenya - Matoke and Beef Stew

By David Ndichu


Matoke is a well-known Kenyan dish from Gusii land. The dish originates from kisii land where bananas are grown in plenty. Matoke are kind of shorter bananas in comparison to the ordinary bananas. Matoke also contain high level of starch thus making them hard.

After introduction of bananas in Kenya’s highlands and gaining popularity among the Gusii people, matoke began to be consumed. Matoke is also popular in Uganda.



  • 1 bunch bananas

  • 500 g beef, chopped into pieces and washed

  • 3 tomatoes, chopped

  • 1 onion, chopped

  • carrots, chopped and washed

  • Dania

  • 1 TBS salt

  • curry powder


  1. Smear oil on your and strip the bananas. The oil causes your hands not to get clingy fluids from the bananas.

  2. Put the beef in a cooking pot with a spot of salt and include one cup of water, at that point place over warmth and spread. at that point let it bubble for 30 minutes till its delicate.

  3. Channel the soup that is remaining and set aside, safeguard it for soup later. Include oil in the meat and warmth for an as you mix to blend at that point include onion. let the onions fry with the meat for 3 minutes and include tomatoes and carrots, mix to blend at that point spread to stew until the tomatoes have relax.

  4. Add the bananas to meat and mix. Include the protected soup if insufficient; include some water with some salt, dania and curry powder. Spread at that point let it stew for 15 or until the bananas are delicate.

  5. Remove from warmth and serve

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