Morocco - Pastilla

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

By Oussama

Hi, my name is Oussama from Morocco. In Morocco there are several local dishes, such as couscous, tagine and pastilla, with all kinds of "chicken-fish". Today I will tell you about the fish pastilla.

Ingredients for the Moroccan whale pastilla

Half a kg of pastilla leaf

200 g of calamar - 200 g of croft - 200 g of any white fish you prefer - a box of mushrooms - Chinese noodles

Seeders + cumin + roasting + coriander grinded beans + garlic molars + coriander and minerals thinly sliced + 2 slices of scratchy mushrooms + 2 slices of large mushrooms + green olives sliced rounds + sour d sour fate + sour juice

The rest of the ingredients in whale pastry with the method of preparation.

How to prepare:

1-I turned in the whale the white whale with a little d oil, butter, salt and salt.

2-The same thing drew to the croft

3-The same thing drew to the Calamars

4-In the same frying pan, I always made the Champaigne bash with the kindness of the whale, I brought together garlic and minerals

5-The Chinese noodles were filled with fine water until the head shots filtered and cut them

6-And I again mixed up the whale + chumbinion + Chinese noodles + and added to them

Seeders + cumin + yeast + shredded ground grains + 4 garlic mashed + shrimp

Thin metal clip + 2 spoon fried lozenges + 2 Spoons of Harissa + Olives, Green, Sliced Dawa + Tarifat Al-Hamed Fate + Sour juice

The salt did not thrive, while the whale was salted and the olives were even.

7-I applied the pasta with a butter and brushed the paper

8-I turned the stuffing and left it as a cute thing. The white whale increased them to the top of the beach. She had papers that revolve them in their lives with cheese + salt + almonds + minerals + thyme and entered them to the oven

Where did you get it from the oven

9- end the end , Health and wellness .

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