Delectable Memory of Childhood

By Dahiza Umar

Tradition : For every child of Pakistan it is known dish of our era. This dish is the snack kind of thing made up of simple ingredients that are available in every kitchen of Pakistan. Traditionally it is an old dish but still alive as children’s favourite snack time dish. INGREDIENTS:

  • Wheat flour 1 cup

  • Original home made desi ghee half cup

  • Sugar 4 table spoon


  • Take a cup of wheat flour and knead it by the water into tough dough.

  • Rest this dough for half hour.

  • Make round chapati out it


  • First of all to make ghee first we have to make fresh butter out of cream/malai

  • Take a bowl full of malai out of milk and grind it until the water and butter aparts.

  • Now we have our fresh butter

  • Take butter in a pan and put it on slow heat

  • Stir it frequently because it may burn easily

  • After 10- 20 minutes, clarified fresh butter is prepared known as desi ghee here.


  • Take chapati add 4 tablespoon of sugars, and around 4-6 tbsp of desi ghee and smash it

  • Just squeeze the all thing together by hands until they stick to each another

  • Make small ball of this sticky batter

  • And enjoy the snack time with family!

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