Pakistan - EverGreen Kabab

By Ayesha Umar

History of kabab in pakistan: Kabab in Pakistan comes from the era of mughal’s cuisine. Kabab is commonly famous all around the world. It is considered in fast foods as well as traditional foods because it tastes great as all cuisines. Some dishes also derived from kababs in the Middle East but it taste differently and have different names in different areas but it is originated from kababs. The traditional meat of kabas is meat and lamps also that are famous all around the world

Ingredients: • ½ kg crushed qeema • 1 quarter potato • Have some mint • Have some coriander • 2 green chilies • Salt • Anardana • Zeera • 2 table spoon of red chilis • 2 table spoon of maize flour • Onion • 2 piece of garlic • Ginger • Boiled potatos Recipe: SAUCE FILING: You have to take anardana, mint as you want, coriander for the better taste, green chili as much as you bear to eat and salt customary now mix all of these things together. POTATO FILING:

QEEMA: Put crushed red chili, salt, zeera, onion, two table spoon of maize flour, 2 piece of garlic, and some ginger, 1 table spoon green coriander, some green chilis, add all these things in qeema and grind it properly.

Now make boil potato balls and put that green sauce that we prepared and at last cover it with qeema and here we have the delicious qeema balls I am surely telling you that it is very tasty for you and experienced it well.

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