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Kebab (Kababu) is normally made with a mixture of meat, but in Tanzania Cassava makes kebab as well. Noth-zone of Tanzania is widely covered by Sukuma Tribe, with agliculture as the main source of food and income. Among the cultivated crops, Cassava also attain the list. Cassava is obtained from cassava shrubs in form of root vegetable. Though, in Tanzania it may not be produced for external export, still it makes the best within the country. Mode of preparation; Things needed to make Mbute are, - One Cassava with 1/2 kg. - Garlic. - Pepper. - One full tea spoon of salt. - Clean water. - 2ltr of frying oil.

Cooking procedures; - Peel off Cassava, cut it into small pieces, soak them into water. - Prepare garlic, make it more smooth for mixing. - Take your Cassava pieces and grind them with machine. - Mix up the grinded cassava with garlic and salt, make some hand-bulb figures. - Put your frying pan to the cook and add oil in it, let oil heat up well. - Start frying your Kebabs. - Notice color change to brownish, that means they are ready.

Enjoy your Mbute as breakfast, lunch or dinner with;




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