Tanzania - Coconut Pumpkin

By Robert Christopher

Pumpkins with coconut have various preparing methods, but with Sukuma tribe from Tanzania the method may be more easier and simplified. Let us prepare our local cuisine. Prepare; - One pumpkin. - Two coconuts. - One cup of sugar. - 1/2 tea spoon of cardamon.

Cooking steps; - Wash the pumpkin, peel and cut it into small pieces. - Put them in the cooking pan and start the boiling process. - Let them boil up to when you notice water starts to dry up. - Add sugar and cardamon. (Don't leave all water to dry) - Add the second coconut filtered juice and let it boil for 3 minutes. - Add the first coconut filtered juice and leave it to boil. - Before the first coconut filtered juice dried up, take your food off-heat. - Our Coconut Pumpkin Cuisine is ready for lunch.

Eat Coconut Pumpkin with:


Juice mix

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