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From Sukuma and Nyamwezi tribes in the Lake and Western Zones of Tanzania, Michembe was their favorite food, but with the presence of rice and wheat products consumer's preferences to Michembe is now ceasing to exist. However, Michembe still the best boiled potato crisps even though they face existance challenge. Let us cook our local cuisine of Michembe. Preparation steps; We need to have; - Two big sweet potatoes. - Clean water. - One coconut. (either packet or fruit) - Salt (half tea spoon is enough) Cooking steps; - Wash and peel off both potatoes. - Cut small crisps-like pieces into dry pan. - Using drying mashine, dry them to ensure no water is left. - Traditionally it takes two days to dry them in the sun, morning to evening.

After successful drying process, keep the steps as follows; - Put potatoe pieces into a cooking pan, add salt and boil them together. - Notice bending-like feature from the pieces. (when dry they wouldn't bend but break) - Add coconut, stir it with the pieces, let them boil once more for about 15-20 minutes. - Tread down the pieces into more smaller pieces, make sure the mix still wet. - After successful treading down the pieces, take your plate, ready for lunch.

Enjoy Michembe Cuisine Michembe tastes awesome with;



BENEFITS; - Source of proteins and fats. - Smooth digestion process. - Keeps brain healthy. - Reduce some toxics. - Assist immune system.

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