By Robert Christopher

It is true that millet is used in various baking processed products like cakes, yet it may Let us have a time making stiff porridge from millet flour.


- 1/2 kg of Milletflour.

- 1/4 kg of Cassava flour

1 liters of clean water

Cooking methods;

- Boil water, make sure water is fully boiling. - Make ready a wooden or hard plastic spoon for the cooking process.(don't use metal spoon) - Put in Millet flour followed by Cassava flour on top and let it boil again for 3 minutes. (Notice water pop up like lava erupting mountain). - Start to stir by mixing water and flour, make sure you give no rest to stir process untill all water is mixed up with flour. - To be sure about the mix, look while passing the spoon through the mix, moving up and down the mix, that there is no small balls-like that break out to give flour. - Keep on the process, until you start to feel the hardness from the mix. - Move the mix to give a nice round shape, put it in a plate ready for lunch.

Enjoy Millet stiff porridge Cuisine from Tanzania with;



Recommended Fruits

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