By Robert Christopher

This food is famous in nothern parts of Tanzania with Chagga tribe taking the lead followed by Pare tribe. It includes rice and beans as the main ingredients, various kinds of recipes like Cardamon, Garlic, Cirnamon and so many others, that do have thousands of functions in our bodies.

Preparation; - 1/2 kg of rice. - 1/4 kg of beans.

- Half tea spoon of salt. - Cooking oil. - One packet of coconut. - Five Cardamon pieces. - Some pieces of Cirnamon.

- Garlic (ten pieces). - Clean water.

Cooking procedures; - Wash beans and boil for about two and a half hours. (Just be sure they are ready to be eaten). - Soak rice in water, add that half tea spoon of salt, wait for about 8-9 minutes. - Filter out water from rice. - Prepare cardamon, cirdamon and garlic. - Using your cooking pan, fry the mix of cardamon, cirdamon and garlic for about 2-3 minutes. - Put in rice and keep mixing the ingredients, up to when you notice that rice pieces are not in bond with each other. (This takes about 5 mins) - Add clean water of about 1/2 liters, add coconut while stir the mix, let the mix boil for 3 minutes then put beans and mix them up, let the mix continue to boil. - Check to see if water is drying off, lower heat level for 5 minutes more. - Your Pilau mix is ready for lunch, enjoy. This Local Cuisine is normally taken for lunch, as it's a good source of energy for physical activities. You can eat this Pilau as it is or with:



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