When Fortune lies a split second away

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

By: Odlanier Zenit Ram reinaldo.martinez@gmail.com

Caracas, Venezuela, December 6, 2019

The world of online trade is a crowded, fierce and stressful battlefield where both, experienced master tarders and currency rookies, fight for either a small slice or else a big chunk of the immense wealth circulating at lightspeed through the air in the form of WiFi signals. Just like on a woman’s womb arena where sperm cells struggle against millions of compulsive rivals to conquer the desired goal of her ovule’s rich dowry, criptocurrency traders search madly for that niche of wealth.

Fine opportunities may jetison them to the heights of millionaires in the split of a second. But this worldwide battle is hard, cruel and pityless. Usually nerves become taut like fiddle strings; sweat drops flow slowly down people’s brows; mouths become dryer than ash; silence falls on every room in which these suspense takes place… and hearts pound fast within these trader’s chests.

Those who fail to grasp the opportunities opening in that split of a second between the rate descending sharply and it raising back to unprecedented heights will lose fortunes; maybe even their own socks. Those with sharp insight and intuitive mind will grasp the chance, press the “enter” key just on time before the rate climbs fast like a kite. And they will strike it real big in no time.

Picture yourself before your tablet screen waiting for the news to announce the rates and watching how they plounge down to deep pits and then climb some steep curve to 3-figures-percent. These are the numbers to react to; this is the scenery to look after, that is the challenge to face.

In the end the winner takes it all; the loser has to fall. And the difference may well be the kind of tools they handle. Some will stare at their watch or struggle with thei device to get a liberating email or to reply one. Others will watch dozens of graphic tables with hundreds of figures to verify whether the rate is climbing or falling down. These actions may be delayed and late, making them lose catastrophically. Or these may be handled promptly to hit the “go for it” key just on time.

The difference lies on the tool in your hand.

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