Task 8: Subject Writing - Blockchain Technology ($2 - $8)

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Task reward

$2 - $8 depending on article quality

The final reward varies depending on actual situation.

Each personal task taker can only submit maximal 1 article per day. In case of multiple submissions from the same task taker, only one of the articles will be judged with potential reward per day.

From 15th Jun, 2020: If the solution is submitted on behalf of an organization, i.e. company, association or family, etc., maximal 2 articles will be reviewed per day per organization. Note that if the article is rewarded and published, the author name will be organization name instead of personal name. Also organization name should always be different from personal name. Each email address can only belong to 1 organization.


Long Term


To expand our knowledge base, we are looking forward to new articles about blockchain technology. Would you like to participate in our development by writing articles related to blockchain technology or your personal experience/application?


1. A Finmail Email account at https://www.finmail.com/mail

2. Good knowledge in English writing

3. Good knowledge or experience in Finmail Payment, Finmail Work, blockchain technology, digital currency and/or applications, etc.

How to work

1. Write and submit an article about the topics above in English through Finmail Focus writing platform powered by WordPress. Please refer to User Guide at https://blog.finmail.com/blog/user-guide/how-to-submit-subject-writing-tasks/ for more details.

2. If the article is submitted on behalf of an organization, be sure also to fill in the "Organization" field in the the solution submission form. Organization name should always be different from personal name.

3. Each email address can only belong to 1 organization.

Note: All rewarded articles may be published for public reference.

How to judge

1. The judge is based on logic, clearness, vividness and attractiveness.

2. The article should be creative, not a general description. It can be technology in depth, analysis in depth, story telling, personal experience or application, etc.

3. In general, articles like "10 Blockchain Applications" cannot be accepted. Instead, articles should come from your personal experience/application, or be related to blockchain technology.

4. Unrelated, copied or meaningless articles are unacceptable.

5. Biased or trading related articles are generally unacceptable.

6. The article length should be within 500 words, but not too short.

How to get payment

1. Once approved, we will send the reward to your Finmail account in form of USDT, whose value to USD is always around 1:1.

2. The USDT balance in your Finmail account can then be transferred to digital currency exchanges and cashed out to your bank account. Refer to FAQ section for more details.

Copyright Statement

1. By submitting your solution, you agree to transfer the copyright of the solution to us the Securechain ApS once your solution is rewarded.

Reward change history

2019-3-1 to 2019-3-23

$3 - $12 depending on article quality

2019-2-21 to 2019-2-29

$5 - $15 depending on article quality

2019-11-24 to 2020-2-20

$5 - $20 depending on article quality

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