Finmail Payment
World's first decentralized digital currency transfer service via e-mail

User Guide (Legacy)

Welcome to the Finmail Payment User Guide for Web!

The Finmail Payment facility by Web will help you to instantly send/receive digital assets, i.e. USDT and Bitcoins. With Finmail, you can easily manage both email and digital assets and, make/receive payments through either digital currency address or email address, thus improving collaboration and productivity.

The Finmail Payment facility is the default payment option for Finmail Work platform.

For communities, companies or individuals who have your own domain, it is strongly suggested to setup your own Finmail server either by subscripting to our cloud service per domain, or use our software on your server directly to ensure higher security level, flexibility, administration capability and professionalism. For more details please contact us at contact@finmail.com.

Please note that since the service is relevant to digital currency, some basic knowledge is required before using it, including  digital currency and blockchain technology.


Install Finmail Payment


Deposit to your vault


Make payment and sync with email


Change and reset payment password, etc.



-    A Web browser like Google Chrome


There is no need to install the facility. The service can be accessed through your membership area after login as below. Be sure to activate the facility through "Payment Settings".


Feature Comparison

The Finmail Payment web version shares most of the features from the one Outlook Add-in, except email content synchronization.

Switch Currency

You can switch currency between USDT and Bitcoin by changing the currency unit under "Payout"/"Amount". The currency information will also be updated accordingly.




Before making any payout, make sure the account balance is sufficient. Deposit more money into the account and then proceed with the payout. Both Bitcoin and USDT payment methods are supported. The payout limitations are:


USDT - 10,000 USDT/day

Note that both USDT and BTC share the same deposit address.

For detailed steps please refer to the Outlook add-in version. Note that to copy deposit address here, please first select the whole string under "Deposit Address", then copy it to clipboard.




Finmail  Payment allows you to make a payout either through email or USDT/BTC address. The transaction will be made either by internal trasfer or digital currency network.

1. To make a payout, enter the receiving address and amount in the "Payment" page. The two types of speed and fee are:

    1) Receiver has no Finmail account or belongs to different Finmail server - This payment can be "external by email" or "external by currency address". The payout Goes through the USBT/Bitcoin main network. The speed can be between one and twelve hours with a different fee in BTC. Both amount and speed/fee have value estimation in USD. Presently we support paying USDT only through BTC network, therefore only BTC format address is acceptable. The support for other networks like ETH, EOS and TRON may be added in future.

    2) Receiver has a finmail account or belongs to the same Finmail server- This type of payment is internal. It does not go through Bitcoin’s main network. The payment is handled instantly and the fee is 0. The payment can be “internal by email” or “internal by currency address”.

    Both speed and fee for the Bitcoin main network are given as below. Payment type is determined afterward:


2. Click the “Pay” button and enter your Finmail password as below:


3. Click the "OK" button. If the payout is successful, the system will show "OK" and automatically add the payout information to the message automatically as below:


4. You can view the payout history through the “Payment History” page as below:


6. The transaction details can also be reviewed by double clicking the item as below:


7. The receiver will also get a system-generated message about the payment as below:




It is possible to change both Finmail password and backup mailbox. In case when the user has forgotten his/her password, the add-in has an option to reset it.


How to change Finmail password and backup mailbox

1. Open the "Payment Settings" page to change Finmail password and backup mailbox. For detailed steps please refer to the Outlook Add-in version. 


Forgot your password: How to reset Finmail password

1. Open on the "Finmail Settings" page, click the "reset" link to the right of "Current Finmail Password". For detailed steps please refer to the Outlook Add-in version.


Support and Declaration

If you need any support, please feel free to contact us via the homepage message or contact@finmail.com.

We make our best to ensure the safety and security of the digital currency you store in your vault, but we cannot guarantee the damage caused by a forceless accident.